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Business of Baseball Documents
  • Mitchell Report
    A series of documents and resources related to the Mitchell Report.
  • Fantasy Stats Case

    Select from the following documents regarding CBC Distribution and Marketing, Inc. v. MLB Advanced Media and the MLB Players Association, or as it has been labeled the Fantasy Stats case.

  • Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PEDs)
    A collection of documents that pertain to hearings, bills, or testimonies regarding performance-enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball
  • 1900 - 1960
    Older documents dating from the turn of the 20th Century until approx. 1960
  • CBAs
    A collection of Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • 19th Century Documents
    A collection of documents dating back to the 19th Century that pertain to the business of baseball
  • Selection of Docs

    A collection of business of baseball documents. CBAs, 19th Century, 1900-1960, and Steroids are sub-groups with their own sections.

    Sorting Tips:

    • Sort by Author: "Author" is a type of document. CBAs, Court Rulings, and 19th Century documents are examples;
    • Sort by Date: This allows for chronological sorting. Note: The system does not allow dates before 1900. For those interested in 19th Century documents, use the "Author" sort by "19th Century";
    • Alphabetical Sort: Sort by the Name of the document;
    • Hit Sort: Sort by the documents by the level of user access.
    • Filter Search: Search for a name within the document title.

    All sorts can be done in ascending or descending order

    NOTE: Currently, there is a defect in the dating system that sets all older document dates as Tuesday, 30 November 1999. To help get around this issue, older documents are dated in the title by year. 

  • Texas Rangers Bankruptcy

    Texas Rangers

    A catalog of key documents for both the voluntary and involuntary bankruptcy cases involving the Texas Rangers.

  • Drug Agreements

    A selection of MLB-MLBPA Joint Drug Agreements



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