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Jordan Kobritz Article Archive
The following are original articles from Business of Sports Network staff author, Jordan Kobritz
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1 KOBRITZ: There's No Celebrating in Baseball Jordan Kobritz 10372
2 A Brief History of Sports Mascot Lawsuits Jordan Kobritz 9425
3 When MLB Gives Das the Boot Jordan Kobritz 4773
4 The Barry Bonds Case Isn't Over, But There Are $50M Reasons Why It Should Jordan Kobritz 12313
5 MLB Has a Serious Player-Umpire Problem Jordan Kobritz 9124
6 For Marlins Manager Jack McKeon, Age is an Asset, not a Liability Jordan Kobritz 9193
7 Bringing in Einhorn, Wilpon is Effectively Selling the Mets Jordan Kobritz 23373
8 7 Observations on the Barry Bonds Verdict Jordan Kobritz 6163
9 When Manny Being Manny Turns Out to Be Just Plain Dumb Jordan Kobritz 5381
10 MLB Contraction is an Illusion Jordan Kobritz 7294
11 Scott Boras: Angel, Devil or Magician? Jordan Kobritz 6754
12 KOBRITZ: Baseball Hall of Fame Voters Err on PED Issue Jordan Kobritz 5595
13 KOBRITZ: Does Parity Exist in Major League Baseball? Jordan Kobritz 6948
14 KOBRITZ: This is a Great Time to be Scott Boras. Or is it? Jordan Kobritz 5453
15 KOBRITZ: Govt. Caves on Seizing MLB Drug Test Results Jordan Kobritz 4839
16 KOBRITZ: Gag Order on MLB Player Agents Fails Out of the Gate Jordan Kobritz 5966
17 Kobritiz: Baseball Hall of Fame Shame Jordan Kobritz 10476
18 Kobritz: Rangers and Mets Heading in Different Financial Directions Jordan Kobritz 5868
19 Kobritz: What is Cliff Lee Worth? Jordan Kobritz 6419
20 Kobritz: Instant Replay Won't Solve Umpire Incompetence Jordan Kobritz 5850
21 Kobritz: For the Tampa Bay Rays, It's the Bad Market, Stupid Jordan Kobritz 5417
22 Kobritz: What Will it Take for MLB to Ban Maple Bats? Jordan Kobritz 4382
23 How Ines Sainz As a Poor "Journalist" Does Good in the Overall Jordan Kobritz 7021
24 Kobritz: Potential MLB Players Trapped by NCAA's Arcane Rule Jordan Kobritz 7173
25 Kobritz: Selig Needs to Give Frank McCourt the Boot Jordan Kobritz 7121
26 Kobritz: MLB's Revenue-Sharing System Is Broken Jordan Kobritz 8373
27 Kobritz: Gov. Paterson In Suicide Squeeze Over Yankees Tickets Jordan Kobritz 5362
28 Kobritz: WADA May Ban Caffeine as "Performance-Enhancer" Jordan Kobritz 9951
29 Kobritz: The Boss' Legacy Jordan Kobritz 8135
30 Kobritz: MLB Ticket Surcharges May Redefine the Word "Gouging" Jordan Kobritz 5913
31 Kobritz: Rays Need to Move to Greener Pastures Jordan Kobritz 8833
32 Kobritz: MLB Early Attendance Woes Tied to Marlins, Rays Jordan Kobritz 8611
33 Kobritz: Politics Meets Baseball - The AZ Immigration Law Jordan Kobritz 6993
34 Kobritz: Signs of MLB Collusion an Illusion Jordan Kobritz 13123
35 HGH Issue First Major Test For Michael Weiner Jordan Kobritz 5053
36 McGwire Confession Not Enough Jordan Kobritz 4998
37 NCAA Plays the Bully (Again) with James Paxton Jordan Kobritz 11573
38 Gov. Paterson, and Yankee Tickets Bring Up Ethics, Sports, and Politics Jordan Kobritz 6354
39 From Dodger Blue to Singing the Blues, Here Come the McCourts Jordan Kobritz 7434
40 Snatching the Memories: The Tale of Ryan Howard's 200th Home Run Ball Jordan Kobritz 8993
41 Andy Oliver Case Highlights Inflexibility Within NCAA Rules Jordan Kobritz 13788
42 Release "The List"... Of Lawyers Jordan Kobritz 5927
43 The Mystery that is Manny Ramirez Jordan Kobritz 6252
44 Successful Sports Franchises Money, Luck or Management Jordan Kobritz 11670
45 PEDs in Baseball No Longer Selig's Fault Jordan Kobritz 10807
46 Yankees Do the Right Thing the Wrong Way on Ticket Prices Jordan Kobritz 7275
47 The World Baseball Classic Is What It Is Jordan Kobritz 9201
48 MLB Contraction Won't Happen Jordan Kobritz 9055
49 Oliver Decision One for Common Sense Jordan Kobritz 5603
50 The Goverment's Persecution of Barry Lamar Bonds Jordan Kobritz 6471
51 Show Time: Barry Bonds Trial Soon Gets Underway Jordan Kobritz 5995
52 Bud Selig Can Still Salvage His Legacy Jordan Kobritz 5503
53 In MLB, It's a Case of Capitalism, Yes Jordan Kobritz 9688
54 The MLBPA Let Romero and Mitre Down Jordan Kobritz 6294
55 Piling On Clemens Jordan Kobritz 5233


Should MLB Force Jeffery Loria to Sell the Marlins?