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Mitchell Report
A series of documents and resources related to the Mitchell Report.
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1 Grand Jury Indictment Against Roger Clemens Maury Brown 2871
2 UPDATE: Tejeda Pleads Guilty to Lying to Congressional Investigators Maury Brown 5966
3 McNamee Sends Investigators to Houston Maury Brown 7133
4 A Splitter on Clemens? Rep. Davis Discredits McNamee Maury Brown 5678
5 MLB, MLBPA to Talk Changes to Drug Policy This Week Maury Brown 6418
6 Blood Testing in MLB? Fehr Would "Take a Hard Look" Maury Brown 6511
7 Third Time the Charm? Talk of Opening Up MLB's CBA Maury Brown 4712
8 Opening Statement: Don Fehr House Comm. on Energy & Comm Donald Fehr 6375
9 Lo Duca Issues Statement on Mitchell Report Paul Lo Duca 5399
10 Photos: Brian McNamee Physical Evidence Maury Brown 6844
11 Hearing Transcript: Clemens says Pettitte "Misheard" Maury Brown 7324
12 Clemens' Nanny Deposition Maury Brown 6381
13 Knoblauch Denies Knowing Clemens or Pettitte Used PEDs Maury Brown 5762
14 Conflicting Testimony: Scott Shannon and Brian McNamee Maury Brown 7022
15 Affidavit of Andy Pettitte Andy Pettitte 4696
16 LIVE BLOG: Congressional Hearing on Mitchell Report Maury Brown and Dave Rouleau 6747
17 Friendly Fire: Pettitte Maury Brown 4320
18 Pettitte Wants Out of Hearing Dave Rouleau 4493
19 McNamee Has Supplied Physical Evidence Against Clemens Maury Brown 4899
20 Major League Baseball Maury Brown 7079
21 Mitchell Statement - House Oversight & Government Reform George Mitchell 5101
22 Fehr Statement - House Oversight & Government Reform Donald Fehr 5235
23 Selig Statement - House Oversight & Government Reform Commissioner Selig 5065
24 MLB Acts on Five Recommendations in Mitchell Report Maury Brown 6138
25 William Roger Clemens v. Brian McNamee Defamation Lawsuit 5889
26 Clemens, Pettitte, McNamee Asked to Testify to Congress Maury Brown 4918
27 Video: Clemens Denies Performance-Enhancing Drug Use Roger Clemens 4886
28 No Players to Testify at Congressional Hearings on PEDs Maury Brown 4554
29 Mitchell Report? No Problem. MLB Maury Brown 5194
30 Selig & Fehr to Meet Regarding Mitchell Recommendations Maury Brown 4521
31 MLB to Further Investigate 14 Players in Mitchell Report Maury Brown 5124
32 Rocket Maury Brown 4542
33 Scorecard: Tracking the Impact of the Mitchell Report Maury Brown 6070
34 Andy Pettitte Admits to Using hGH Twice in 2002 Statement by Andy Pettitte 7732
35 Mitchell Report: "Player X" was Frank Thomas Maury Brown 9707
36 Mitchell Report: Executive Index Summary of Mitchell Report 6651
37 Mitchell Report: Selig Statement Commissioner Selig 6233
38 Recommendations from the Mitchell Report Summary of Mitchell Report 8272
39 Mitchell Report: Waxman and Davis Call for Heaings Representatives Waxman and Davis 6307
40 Statement by Donald Fehr on the Mitchell Report Donald Fehr 7148
41 Mitchell Report: Player Index Brent Gambill 7696
42 The Mitchell Report George Mitchell 10403
43 Official List of Names in the Mitchell Report Maury Brown 26852
44 Sen. Mitchell Remarks At Owners Meeting George Mitchell 6363


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