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1946 - MLB Steering Committee document PDF Print E-mail
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1900 - 1960
Written by MLB Steering Committee   
Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00

Steering Committee doc

1946 - MLB Steering Committee document PDF

Internal document presented to MLB owners
Dated August 27, 1946

Format - Abobe PDF (non-searchable at this time)
File Size - 1.7 megs

Document highlights the creation of a Joint Major League Steering Committee dated August 27, 1946. The new committee, consisting of Ford Frick, Sam Breadon, Philip Wrigley, William Harriadge, L.S. McPhail, and Thomas Yawkey, address several key issues regarding the business of MLB at this juncture in time.
Key issues addressed are "Organization" in which "the problem of setting up machinery for efficient over-all administration; intelligent consideration of proposed rules changes; clarification and proper enforcement of rules; continuing contract and cooperation between Major and Minor Leagues; and prompt action in considering problems of over-all nature," are addressed. The "Legality Structure" in which MLB look at "means to combat attacks upon baseball as constituting an illegal monopoly and raids from individuals or agencies outside Professional baseball." "Player Relationships" that dealt with "methods to prevent outsiders from being successful in attempts to organize players into unions or guilds for the purposes of collective bargaining." The "Race Question" in which baseball looks to "methods to protect Baseball from charges that it is fostering unfair discrimination against the negro by reason of his race and color." "Operational Problems" in which the topics related to "schedules, prices, and payment of bonuses to first year players," are addressed.



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