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2012 MLB Social Media Policy (Players on 40 Man Roster) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Maury Brown   
Sunday, 01 April 2012 18:37

TO: All 40-Man Roster Players
DATE: March 12, 2012
RE: Major League Baseball’s Social Media Policy

Consistent with the recently completed collective bargaining negotiations, Major League Baseball (“MLB”) and the Major League Baseball Players Association (“MLBPA”) have agreed that the Office of the Commissioner may implement a Social Media policy addressing certain limitations on the uses of social media by Major League players. A copy of that policy is attached hereto.

While having a Social Media policy is important to protecting the interests of everyone involved in promoting the game, we hope that you will not view this policy as a blanket deterrent to engaging in social media. MLB recognizes the importance of social media as an important way for players to communicate directly with fans. We encourage you to connect with fans through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Along with MLB’s extensive social media activities, we hope that your efforts on social media will help bring fans closer to the game and have them engaged with baseball, your club and you in a meaningful way. For instance, appropriate uses of social media platforms include:

  • Interacting with fans;
  • Sharing non-confidential information about you and your activities;
  • Highlighting charitable or promotional activity that you might be participating in on your own or in conjunction with Major League Baseball or your Club; and
  • Working with your management team or Club officials to conduct unique promotions that can provide your fans merchandise, tickets or unique experiences.

While we hope that players will recognize social media as an opportunity to connect with fans in a positive way, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Just because you may be using your phone, a tweet is a public statement to a mass audience, not a private text message to a friend;
  • If you would not feel comfortable saying something at a press conference or seeing something attributable to you in a newspaper, you should refrain from posting any such messages, information or photos to social media;
  • Pause and think twice before sending a message across social media in the “heat of the moment”, i.e., if you are angry, emotional or reacting to a controversial news story, public event or something said or written about you; and
  • Once something is posted, you will not be able to retract it – once you hit send, your message becomes public information that can be forwarded and reported by the media.

You and your families should be aware that social media technology may enable some on-line sites to produce comments or photographs that have not been authorized by you, your team, or MLB, and may, in fact, be inaccurate or out of context. We suggest that you forward any complaints of privacy and/or copyright infringement to team or MLB officials before personally responding.

We hope that you recognize social media as an opportunity to connect with your fans in a positive way. If you have any questions or would like help in understanding or utilizing social media, please feel free to contact either your Club’s Director of Public Relations or (removed) at Major League Baseball.

MLB Social Media Policy
Click to read in PDF

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