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MLB Attendance Tracker for Sun. 5/22: While Down From Sat, Sunday Interleague Ends on Up Note PDF Print E-mail
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Ticket & Attendance Watch
Written by Maury Brown and David Simmons   
Monday, 23 May 2011 08:14

MLBSunday, the final day of the first series of interleague games in Major League Baseball, saw ballparks filled to 77 percent capacity, based on paid attendance, up from 75 percent the weekend prior.

Compared to the first set of interleague games that fell on Sunday last season, 2011 had an average of 33,074, up slightly from last year (0.46%) 32,921.

In another positive sign for the league average attendance across the first series of interleague games that began on Friday averaged 33,511, up 1 percent from last season’s 33,172 for the same set of games.

Look for “Inside the Numbers: 2011 First Interleague Attendance” shortly on The Biz of Baseball

Four games saw attendance over 100%, a sign that considerable standing-room only tickets were sold. Leading the pack (again) was the Philadelphia Phillies at 105 percent of capacity, followed by the Red Sox (102%), Brewers (intraleague game against Rockies at 102%), and Giants (101%).

But, in terms of sellouts, which account for comps, rainout exchanges, etc. you can throw in the Yankees as a sellout game, as well, even as attendance was 404 below seating capacity.

On the downside, the Blue Jays, hosting the last place Astros, couldn’t get attendance moving. Last among all games over the weekend, the best that the club could muster was 43 percent of capacity on Sat, with Sunday marking 39 percent, and Friday set at 31 percent of Rogers Centre’s capacity.

All the “natural rivalry” games posted better attendance on Sunday than the year prior. With the Indians riding the wave of their winning ways. Here’s the breakdown

Rivalry % (+/-) Notes
Reds and Indians 28% Both at Cleveland
Mets and Yankees 17% At NYY this year
Orioles and Nationals 22% At Camden this year
Giants and A's 21% At SFO this year
Padres and Mariners 4% At SD this year

In terms of clubs that hosted games in the first series of interleague last season (albeit with different opponents in 2010 than 2011), all clubs, minus the White Sox, drew more on Sunday  than the same Sunday last season:

Club % (+/-) Notes
Phillies 0.00% vs Red Sox in 2010
Pirates 9% vs Braves in 2010
White Sox -11% vs Marlins in 2010
D-Backs 34% vs Blue Jays in 2010
Royals 29% vs Rockies in 2010

Here’s the complete breakdown of attendance for Sunday:

Road Home Sun's
Capacity Sell-Thru Notes
TXR PHI 45,633 43,647 105% Sellout
CHC BOS 37,688 36,945 102% Sellout
COL MIL 42,605 41,900 102% Sellout. McGehee Bobblehead
OAK SF 42,288 41,915 101% Sellout
NYM NYY 48,293 50,287 96% Sellout. 1:05 start
ATL LAA 40,098 45,050 89% Eco Bag
SEA SD 34,705 42,445 82%
STL KC 28,195 38,177 74%
WSH BAL 33,626 45,971 73% Little League Day
DET PIT 25,124 38,362 65%
MIN AZ 31,017 48,652 64%
LAD CWS 25,081 40,615 62%
CIN CLE 26,833 43,545 62%
TB FL 15,432 36,331 42% Johnson start, Stanton T-Shirt
HOU TOR 19,487 49,539 39%
Over 15 games 496,105 643,381 77%

Sell-Thru = Percentage of capacity

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