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David Simmons Article Archive
Written by David Simmons   
Sunday, 27 March 2011 21:17

CubsIn looking ahead to all 30 clubs in Major League Baseball, David is nearly complete, having  wound his way through all the American League with the AL East (see the Yankees - Red Sox - Rays - Orioles - Jays), the AL Central (see the Royals, the White Sox, theTwins, the Indians and Detroit Tigers) tha AL West with (Angels - A's - Rangers, - Seattle Mariners). and NL East (Mets - Nationals - Marlins - Phillies - Braves). With the season fast approaching, NL Central capsules will be coming fast. Now in the NL Central (see Brewers). Today, it's the club that could see a considerable shift with new ownership, the Chicago Cubs -- Maury Brown

Team: The Chicago Cubs

2009 Total Attendance: 3.16 million

2009 Average Attendance & Sell-Thru: 39,619 (96% Sell-Thru)

2009 Record: 83-78, Missed Playoffs

2010 Total Attendance: 3.06 million

2010 Average Attendance & Sell-Thru: 37,814 (92% Sell-Thru)

2010 Record: 75-87, Missed Playoffs

Looking ahead to 2011……

Notable offseason addition/subtractions: Signed Carlos Pena, Traded for Matt Garza

Interleague LY: Chicago White Sox, Anaheim Angels of LA, & Oakland A’s

Interleague TY: NY Yankees and Chicago White Sox

April/May Games: 15 in April, 17 in May in 2011 vs. 11 in April and 16 in May in 2010

Holidays: Home 4/24 Easter 5/8 Mother’s Day 9/5 Labor Day Road 6/19 Father’s Day 74 Independence Day

Overall Outlook: The Cubs attendance decreased last year by 100,000 fans. Ironically, the team is the least responsive to team performance at the box office. The Cubs have drawn over 3 million fans for 7 years in a row winning anywhere from 66 to 97 games. The team went 24-13 last year under Mike Quade, then added Carlos Pena and Matt Garza this offseason. In year 2 of Ricketts owner the team announced “we will continue the policy of keeping many of our tickets in the sub $10 range-in fact, we will offer a substantial increase in sub-$10 tickets next year compared to 2010. and that “our average ticket price next year will be essentially flat compared to 2010 (actually it is fractionally down vs. 2010) I have to compliment the Cubs on their offseason actions. It appears they took an analytical approach that I recommended in this space to set their prices in . “To set our pricing in 2011, we examined approximately 5 million transactions from our primary and secondary ticket markets from 2005 through 2010. Our goal was to keep our average ticket price flat overall but improve the alignment of pricing for games and seating sections with actual demand. The result is a market-based ticket model that reflects our fans’ buying patterns. Cutting through it all, the net result for our season ticket holders is that some will see a slight (in all cases, less than 3%) increase, others will see a reduction as much as 6% and some will see virtually no change at all.” They are selling their best games at marked up price and their worse games at lower prices in basic terms. Thanks to FOX, who helps select interleague games, they have hit the interleague lottery with the Yankees this season. The team has leveraged their Yankee games into 6 and 13 game packages as well. They’ve limited the number of marquee games on their pick ‘em packages as well. As for this season on the field, the team plays only 9 of its first 31 games against 2010 teams over .500. Thanks to early season injuries in their division (Wainwright & Greinke) along with the additions of Matt Garza and Carlos Pena the team should be more competitive in 2011. Thanks to the brains in their box office in allocating and pricing their tickets, I predict record team revenues and breaking the 2008 Wrigley Field record of 3.3 million fans.

The Labor Battle in the NFL. See BizOfFootball.com for details

David SimmonsDavid Simmons is a graduate of the University of Central Florida who worked in the front office of the Los Angeles Dodgers over 4 seasons and has a decade of ticketing experience.. He serves as CFO for Players For The Planet and currently resides in Baltimore. You can follow David on Twitter @davidesimmons

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