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David Simmons Article Archive
Written by David Simmons   
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 08:33

RoyalsEarlier this week, David finished up the AL East (see the Yankees - Red Sox - Rays - Orioles - Jays). Now, he moves forward with a look at the AL Central beginning with the Kansas City Royals -- Maury Brown

Team: Kansas City Royals

2009 Total Attendance: 1.79 million

2009 Average Attendance & Sell-Thru: 22,473 (58.9%)

2009 Record: 65-97, Missed Postseason

2010 Total Attendance: 1.61 million

2010 Average Attendance & Sell-Thru: 20,191 (52.9%)

2010 Record: 67-95, Missed Postseason

Looking ahead to 2011……

Notable offseason addition/subtractions: Lost Zach Greinke

Interleague LY: Colorado Rockies, St. Louis Cardinals, and Houston Astros

Interleague TY: Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, and Arizona Diamondbacks

April/May Games: 16 in April, 16 in May in 2011 vs. 12 in April and 12 in May in 2010

Holidays: Home - 5/8 Mother’s Day Road - 4/24 Easter, 6/19 Father’s Day 7/4 Independence Day, & 9/5 Labor Day

Overall Outlook: Armed with the best minor league system in baseball and the host of next year’s all-star game, this year looks to be the year things start looking up for the Royals. Kansas City is in the middle of a 25 year playoff drought. Last year’s attendance was the worst in 4 years and having finished in the bottom 5 during the last 18 years in AL attendance. Mike Moustakas’ debut couldn’t come any sooner. Mark down June 21st Royal Fans, the first home game after he can’t be a super two. Hosting the Cubs this season and next year’s all-star game will be boon to ticket sales if properly leveraged.  Leveraging those two events will be the key to the Royals ticket sales this year and next as they wait for their 5 best pitching prospects starting the year at AA. The weight of 32 early season games will be a tough hole to dig out of, but it can be done. I predict the Royals to increase attendance this season about 5% to 1.7 million tickets.

David SimmonsDavid Simmons is a graduate of the University of Central Florida who worked in the front office of the Los Angeles Dodgers over 4 seasons. He has a decade of ticketing experience and currently resides in Baltimore. You can follow David on Twitter @davidesimmons

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