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David Simmons Article Archive
Written by David Simmons   
Friday, 11 February 2011 08:50

OriolesAs we continue our look at attendance for the upcoming 2011 season, we've started with the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. As we continue with the AL East we look at the team that might be a sleeper for 2011, the Baltimore Orioles -- Maury Brown

Team: The Baltimore Orioles

2009 Total Attendance: 1.90 million

2009 Average Attendance & Sell-Thru: 23,545 (49%)

2009 Record: 64-98 , Missed Postseason

2010 Total Attendance: 1.73 million

2010 Average Attendance & Sell-Thru: 21,662 (45%)

2010 Record: 66-96, Missed Postseason

Looking ahead to 2011……

Notable offseason addition/subtractions: Trade for Mark Reynolds, Sign Vladimir Guerrero & Derrek Lee

Interleague LY: Washington Nationals, Florida Marlins, & NY Mets

Interleague TY: Washington Nationals, Cincinnati Reds, & St. Louis Cardinals

April/May Games: 16 in April, 14 in May in 2011 vs. 10 in April and 13 in May in 2010

Holidays: Home -  4/24 Easter, 5/8 Mother’s Day /  Road - 6/19 Father’s Day, 7/4 Independence Day, & 9/5 Labor Day

Overall Outlook: The Orioles opened Camden Yards in 1992 and since peaking in 1997 attendance has declined in 13 of the past 14 years. The team has lost 2 million fans over that time period and hit rock bottom last year on September 13th with 9,882 fans in attendance. Seems things to be on the turnaround on the field in Baltimore as only the Twins (35-21) had a better record in the AL than the Orioles' 34-23 after Buck Showalter became manager late last season. The team has been ruined by horrible starts the past few seasons and playing in the AL East doesn’t help as the Blue Jays have righted their ship since Alex Anthopoulous became GM. The Orioles froze season ticket prices and raised individual prices across the board an average of $3. This is the first time since 2006 the team has raised individual ticket prices. I predict that the Orioles will increase revenues as their season ticket base dwindles and they sell more individual tickets. With their 18 homes games vs. the Sox & Yanks, an improved interleague schedule, and overall more enthusiasm towards the team a 10% increase in sales and a return to 2009 attendance levels seems likely in the upcoming season.

David SimmonsDavid Simmons is a graduate of the University of Central Florida who worked in the front office of the Los Angeles Dodgers over 4 seasons. He has a decade of ticketing experience and currently resides in Baltimore. You can follow David on Twitter @davidesimmons

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