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Today on Yahoo! Sports: Salary Arbitration Winners and Losers PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Maury Brown   
Monday, 22 February 2010 11:24

Yahoo Story on salary arb

Salary arbitration in Major League Baseball is done for another year, and with it, my final installment on the process for Yahoo! Sports is up and running. With nearly $800 million in total contract dollars allocated out of this year's class, there were bound to be some winners and losers. Here's a sample from "Salary arbitration winners and losers":


• I’ll raise ya: Sure, the case can be made that some players might earn more if they were allowed to become free agents earlier rather than remain under club control for six or seven years through salary arbitration, but at least players know the process gives them a good salary hike. On average, the 128 players that filed for salary arbitration on Jan. 15 had their salaries increase by 107 percent from 2009.

• Freak money Tim Lincecum didn’t land the biggest multi-year contract of the class, but he did wind up with the biggest pay raise from last season to this. The Freak will realize a 1,131 percent increase from the $650,000 he earned last season as a first-time salary arbitration eligible player. An unexpected second place for highest raise went to Giants closer Brian Wilson, who goes from $480,000 in 2009 to $4,437,500 this season, a raise of 824 percent.


• What was Laynce Nix thinking? The biggest case of overthinking this year has to go to Laynce Nix of the Reds. Nix was offered salary arbitration in November, but instead opted for free agency. Given how the market has been for top-tier players, let alone the rank and file, the strategy was bound to backfire, and did. Instead of landing a healthy payday through the salary arbitration process, he instead accepted a minor league deal just under a month later. Oops.

See my other articles on salary arb for Yahoo! Sports below.


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