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Major League Baseball Drug Policy Sees Additional PEDs, Expansion on Stimulants PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Maury Brown   
Monday, 22 February 2010 00:33

MLB MemoMajor League Baseball’s collectively bargained drug policy has undergone changes, adding 12 new performance-enhancing drugs, and 30 new stimulants that players will be tested for, according to a memo obtained by The Biz of Baseball.

The memo, placed on the door of each Spring Training clubhouse, adds the following to Section 2.B of the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program on performance-enhancing drugs:

1. Androstatrienedione (ATD)

9. Methasterone (Superdrol)

2. Androstadienedione

10. Methylnortestosterone

3. Androstenetrione (6-OXO)

11. Methyltrienelone (Metribolone)

4. Androsterone

12. Anabolic Agents:

a. Selective Androgen Receptor

Modulators (SARMs)

b. Tibolone

c. Zeranol

d. Zilpaterol

5. Bolandiol

6. Epiandrosterone

7. Epi-dihydrotestosterone

8. Epitestosterone

In terms of stimulants, players will see a considerable increase in the number of substances that players could potentially be suspended for. Added to the list of Stimulants set forth in Section 2.C of the JDA include:

1. Adrafinil

16. Methamphetamine (Methylamphetamine)

2. Amiphenazole

17. Methylenedioxy-amphetamine

3. Benzylpiperazine

18. Methylenedioxymethamphetamine

4. Bromantan

19. Methylephedrine

5. Carphedon

20. Nikethamide

6. Cathine (Norpseudoephedrine)

21. Norfenefrine

7. Croprapamide

22. Norfenfluramine

8. Crotetamide

23. Octopamine

9. Etamivan

24. Oxilofrine

10. Etilefrine

25. Parahydroxyamphetamine

11. Fenbutrazate

26. Pentetrazol

12. Heptaminol

27. Phepromethamine

13. Isometheptene

28. Prenylamine

14. Levmetamphetamine

29. Sibutramine

15. Meclofenoxate

30. Tuaminoheptane

The memo dated Feb 19th states that the additional substances being tested for are effective Spring Training of 2010.

The memo was jointly released by MLB and the MLBPA and signed by Rob Manfred, Jr., the Executive Vice President of Major League Baseball; Michael Weiner, Executive Director of the MLB Players Association; Dan Halem, MLB’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel; Bob Lenaghan, MLBPA Assistant General Counsel;  Jon Coyles, director of baseball’s drug policy; Dr. Bryan Smith, the Independent Program Administrator for the Program, and;  Christiane Ayotte, an anti-doping expert at the Quebec-based National Institute for Scientific Research who is in charge of a special anti-doping laboratory set up for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

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