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Early in Year, Drug Suspensions Up 86% in Baseball PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Maury Brown   
Monday, 27 April 2009 10:47

Steroids in baseballWith baseball at both the major and minor league levels now in full swing, the number of players in violation of the leagues’ drug policies are nearly twice that from the same time last year.

As of April 27, there have been 13 players (3 at the major league, and 10 at the minor league level) suspensions as part of their respective drug and treatment programs, compared to 7 players at this time in 2008 (1 at the major league level, and 5 at the minor league level), an increase of 86 percent.

Two players at the major league level, Sergio Mitre of the Yankees and J.C. Romero of the Phillies, were announced in January before the season began. Both players started their suspensions at the beginning of the season, with Mitre being with Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. In the case of Romero, it was ruled via arbitration that he was negligent for using a nutritional supplement, purchased over the counter (6-OXO-Extreme), which was found to be tainted with androstendione.

Players found to be in violation of the Major League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program are simply reported as using “performance-enhancing drugs”. However, players at the minor league level are being announced with extra details.

Of the 10 that have been suspended, the substances break down as follows:

  • Stanozolol – 4 ea.
  • Nandrolone – 3 ea.
  • Amphetamine – 1 ea.
  • Drug of Abuse – 2 ea.

For a complete historical accounting of drug suspensions in both MLB and MiLB, see The Biz of Baseball’s “Drug Violations” page

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