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Is Part MLB’s “Discipline” showing Magowan the Door? PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Maury Brown   
Thursday, 15 May 2008 10:43
MagowanThe following is an editorial by Maury Brown of the Business of Sports Network.

It barely slipped through yesterday. Commissioner Selig made mention of how management implicated in the Mitchell Report “has” been disciplined.

In other words, someone in a front office has been reprimanded, but unlike the parade of players that were rolled out in the Mitchell Report, we don’t know who.

Here is what Selig said to The AP:

“I have stated, and it’s sort of been misunderstood, anybody who has been disciplined is doing a lot of community service,” Selig said. “And I think most people involved believe that was their discipline. But there’s nothing new.”

The timing is what raises eyebrows.

It was Giants managing partner Peter Magowan and general manager Brian Sabean that were given the most coverage in Mitchell’s report, or at least in terms of those in management.

Magowan is scheduled to step down from running the Giants tomorrow.

One wonders. 

The reason being reported is due to Magowan's age. At 66, he ranks 17th out of the 30 owners.

One wonders. 

While there is no confirmation, there are reports coming into the Business of Sports Network that Magowan is gently being pushed out of the Giants.

Even if that were not the case, Selig’s comments show a fine level of hypocrisy. After all, it was perfectly acceptable to publicly mention players and suspensions as part of the follow-up to the Mitchell Report. Now, there is quiet reference to “doing a lot of community service.”

So, we ask: Who is doing “community service?” And then, what is deemed as “community service?”

It was quietly run, and now one wonders if the highest ranking executive mentioned in the Mitchell Report is “doing community service” by leaving the Giants. Given the incredible level of work that Magowan did in getting the China Basin project (Pac Bell Park) done with such an exceedingly low-level of public subsidy, it would be a shame if it were true.

Now, if only someone were to answer those questions… Who is it being disciplined? And, what is the discipline doled out?

If the league thinks I'm putting 2+2 and getting 5, great. Let's clear up the matter. But, if the league, through Commissioner Selig is willing to try and pass all this off without more than a whisper, one can't help but see the connection. 



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