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Mitchell Report
Written by Maury Brown   
Monday, 07 January 2008 14:30

MLBMLB Adds Clubhouse Security Plan

As part of an evolving process to prevent the illegal use of performance-enhancing substances, Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig announced today that Major League Baseball has enhanced current clubhouse security, based on the recommendations of Senator George J. Mitchell, by unilaterally implementing a number of security measures and logistical changes.
The changes announced today are part of a continuing effort to improve clubhouse security. In recent years, the Commissioner’s Office has worked with the Clubs to limit access, has banned personal trainers from clubhouses, and has limited access by vendors to specified areas. The Commissioner’s Office has also required Clubs to maintain logs of clubhouse visitors, with only members of the BBWAA being exempt.

Today, Clubs were notified that the following clubhouse security and logistical measures will be universally enforced:

  • Background checks will be performed on all existing clubhouse personnel and new hires.
  • Random drug tests will be performed on all clubhouse personnel.
  • Clubs will be required to maintain a log of all packages sent to clubhouses at Major League ballparks.
  • Clubs will be required to distribute Major League Baseball’s Policy on “Disclosing Information Relating to the Use, Possession or Distribution of Prohibited Substances” to all Club employees and to post the policy in the clubhouse.
  • The overnight notice to Clubs before the arrival of Comprehensive Drug Testing personnel has been eliminated. All Clubs will be required to have a single, designated area for collections in both the home and visiting clubhouses. Collectors will be provided with permanent, official credentials and their access will be facilitated.

“These security and logistical changes are important additional steps in combating the illegal use of performance-enhancing substances,” Commissioner Selig said. “Major League Baseball is pleased to act on the recommendations made by Senator Mitchell as part of its ongoing clubhouse security procedures. Major League Baseball will soon be announcing additional changes based on the recommendations made by Senator Mitchell.”

Source: Major League Baseball 

Maury Brown

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