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Andruw Jones, Glavine Highlight Weds. Free Agent Filings PDF Print E-mail
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Free Agency, Trades, and Signings
Written by Maury Brown   
Wednesday, 31 October 2007 15:14

MLBWednesday, the following 20 players filed for Free Agency pursuant to Article XX B (2) of the Basic Agreement.

To date, 120 players have filed for free agency (see the lists for Monday and Tuesday of those that have filed)

Today sees notable players Andruw Jones, Eric Gagne, Tom Glavine, Freddy Garcia, and Yorvit Torrealba to name a few filing. The list also sees Mike Cameron filing for free agency. Cameron received a 25-game suspension for testing positive for a banned stimulant in violation of Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program today.

Players have 15 days from the end of the World Series to file for Free Agency. On the 16th day after the end of the World Series, free agents may negotiate and sign with a Club other than their former Club.

Below is a complete list of the 20 players that filed today, courtesy of the MLB Players Association:


Jones, Andruw (OF)

Patterson, Corey (OF)

Gagne, Eric (RP)

Chicago Cubs
Floyd, Cliff (OF); Trachsel, Steve (SP)

Chicago White Sox



Lopez, Rodrigo (SP); Torrealba, Yorvit (C)

Detroit Tigers
Rogers, Kenny (SP)

Kim, Byung-Hyun (P)


Kansas City
Perez, Odalis A. (SP)

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Los Angeles Dodgers
Gonzalez, Luis E. (OF); Lieberthal, Mike (C); Martinez, Ramon E. (2B)



NY Mets

Glavine, Tom (SP)

NY Yankees
Villone, Ron (RP)


Garcia, Freddy Antonio (SP); Lohse, Kyle (SP)


St. Louis

San Diego
Cameron, Michael (OF)

San Francisco

Weaver, Jeff C. (SP)

Tampa Bay



Wilkerson, Brad (OF)



Maury Brown

Maury Brown is the founder and president of the Business of Sports Network, which includes The Biz of Baseball, The Biz of Football and The Biz of Basketball (The Biz of Hockey will be launching shortly). He is also an author for Baseball Prospectus.and is an available writer for other media outlets.

He looks forward to your comments via email and can be contacted here.



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