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15 MLB Player All-Star Game Bonuses PDF Print E-mail
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Maury Brown Article Archive
Written by Maury Brown   
Friday, 08 July 2011 09:20
Curtis Granderson is the biggest bonus
winner for being selected to this year's
All-Star Game

On Tuesday, the MLB All-Star Game will be played in Phoenix. The Mid-Summer Classic is a chance for fans to see some of the games most popular players, and by extension, the belief is, the best players.

That’s changed over the years. With fans making a large part of the selections (via, fans can vote as many as 25 times), the selections can smack of a popularity contest (after all, the game name has “Star” right in it).

But, for the players, there’s more than pride on the line for being selected. For many that have become free agents, bonuses and/or salary escalators are often clauses within contracts (sorry you 1-year salary arbitration and players with 1-3 years of ML Service Time, you don’t get those perks for being selected).

Going over contract data available, there are 15 players in line to get some extra green in their wallets due to being selected to the All-Star Game roster. All of them are straight bonuses, with one exception.

While Derek Jeter pulled in a cool $500,000 bonus for being selected (again) to the All-Star roster as part of his recent extension with the Yankees, the real winner this year is one of Jeter’s teammates.

Curtis Granderson has a clause in his contract by which his annual salary increases from $13 million to $13.5 million should he be selected as an All-Star in 2011 or 2012. On top of that, he gets a straight $25,000 bonus. So, Granderson clearly had more spring in his step when news of his selection was announced.

Below are 15 players selected to the All-Star Game, along with bonuses they receive as part of their contracts:

Player Club Pos Bonus Notes
Yadier Molina Cardinals C $50,000 Voted by players
Troy Tulowitzki Rockies SS $25,000 Voted by players
Matt Holliday Cardinals OF $50,000 Voted by players
Jay Bruce Reds OF Unknown Voted by players
Cliff Lee Phillies P $50,000 Voted by players
Brian Wilson Giants P $25,000 Voted by players
Carlos Beltran Mets OF $100,000 Manager selection
Tim Lincecum Giants P $100,000 Manager selection
Michael Young Rangers DH $50,000 Voted by players
Felix Hernandez Mariners P $50,000 Voted by players
Michael Cuddyer Twins OF $25,000 Manager selection
Curtis Granderson Yankees OF $525,000 Fan selection. Has clause in contract that salary goes from $13M to $13.5 million if All-Star, plus $25,000 bonus
Jose Reyes Mets SS $50,000 Fan selection
Derek Jeter Yankees SS $500,000 Fan selection
David Ortiz Red Sox DH $50,000 Fan selection

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