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A collection of business of baseball documents. CBAs, 19th Century, 1900-1960, and Steroids are sub-groups with their own sections.

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1 San Jose v. The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball Maury Brown 3050
2 Early MLB Attendance Data 2012 (to April 21) Maury Brown 4583
3 2012 MLB Social Media Policy (Players on 40 Man Roster) Maury Brown 5744
4 Motion by MLB Seeking to Force Frank McCourt to Sell Los Angeles Dodgers Maury Brown 3221
5 Motion by MLB Seeking to Have Dodgers Legal Team Disqualified Maury Brown 3189
6 Letter from Bud Selig to Frank McCourt Rejecting FOX TV Extension Maury Brown 4508
7 Ruling by Judge Gross Ordering Frank McCourt to Use MLB for DIP Financing Maury Brown 4247
8 Dodgers Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing Maury Brown 4439
9 MLB Social Media Policy Maury Brown 8529
10 Mets (Sterling) Motion to Dismiss Amended Complaint by Irving Picard, Trustee of Bernie Madoff Securities Maury Brown 4624
11 Marlins Financials (2008-2009) Maury Brown 5497
12 Rays Financials (2007-2008) Maury Brown 5115
13 Major League Baseball Rules (2008) Maury Brown 11724
14 Divorce Filing - Jamie McCourt to Frank McCourt Divorce Papers 6303
15 National Labor Relations Board vs. Major League Baseball, 880 F. Supp. 246 (1995) Judge Sonia Sotomayor 14952
16 MLB and Lobbying: A Perennial Favorite Erik Porse 7127
17 Conn. Court Rulings Regarding Harold Reynolds Court Ruling 9287
18 First Rule Changes Since '96 Announced Today MLB 6733
19 Harold Reynolds v. ESPN Complaint 11124
20 Nationals Ballpark Bid Schedule Construction Schedule (DC Ballpark) 6681
21 H.F. No. 2480 (New Twins Ballpark Bill) New Twins Ballpark 9358
22 Astros v. Conn. Gen Life Insurance Court Ruling 8394
23 DC Ballpark - Project Labor Agreement Labor Agreement (DC Ballpark) 7436
24 Lease Agreement between MLB and the DCSEC Lease Agreement 20050
25 "No-Relocation" Agreement - MLB & the DCSEC "No Relocation" Agreement 7827
26 Anaheim V. Angels Request for injunction 9664
27 June Update (2005) - Major League Baseball Constitution Blue Book 16311
28 Letter from Fehr to Selig regarding 2005 JDA Fehr Letter 5496
29 Proposal for Construction on New Twins Ballpark New Twins Ballpark 8571
30 Summary - (Twins) Ballpark Plan New Twins Ballpark 7897
31 (Twins) Ballpark Resolution 05-220 New Twins Ballpark 7496
32 (Twins) Ballpark Resolution Amendments New Twins Ballpark 7331
33 CBC v. MLBAM Complaint 7948
34 DC Baseball Stadium Agreement (2004) Baseball Stadium Agreement 6445
35 Independent financial review - Brewers ('94-'03) Independent financial review 6942
36 MLB Memo - Sale of Dodgers - Fox to McCourt MLB Memo 8053
37 Alex Popov v. Patrick Hayashi Court Ruling 8709
38 NEW! - US-Japanese Player Contact Agreement US-Japanese Player Contract Agreement 14087
39 107–427 - App. Of Federal Antitrust Laws to MLB Senate Hearing 7614
40 MLB's response to the RICO complaint MLB Press Release 5853
41 Cleveland Indians v US (US Court of Appeals) Court Ruling 6190
42 Gionfriddo v. Major League Baseball Court Ruling 8921
43 Jerry Bell testimony regarding contraction Personal testimony 6381
44 FOX SportsNet Minnesota v Twins Complaint 10677
45 MLBPA v. Steve Garvey Court Ruling 10379
46 Cleveland Indians v US (US Supreme Court) Court Ruling 6001
47 RICO Complaint - former Expos minority owners Legal Complaint 7622
48 Blue Ribbon Panel on Baseball Economics Commissioner’s Blue Ribbon Panel 15042
49 Cardtoons, LC v MLBPA Court Ruling 8668
50 Curt Flood Act of 1997 Senate Report 10184
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